About me

Emmeryn Cariglino (who to her friends is often known as Em and to her lovers, “Emmy”) sells her waking hours to a telephone company as an automation developer, and steals moments where she can as a writer, stationery collector, and internet crank. 

Before this recent lull in the tumult of her life, she was almost a researcher, interested mainly in early modern English literature, fan cultures, disability studies, and critical approaches to technology. Work she did along those lines exists under the name she used at the time, Scott D. Folsom. She has since murdered Scott and stolen his body taken some steps toward what could, generously, be called a gender transition, but might more realistically be thought of as the last vestiges of 19th century natural philosopher mindset applied to the researcher’s own body. She’s tempted to describe this, in a kind of sick homage to a fellow traveler, as “working on herself,” but she’s altogether tired of both working on herself and would much rather be working on (or over, in a couple cases) some of her peers.

In the process of becoming-transfem, she rediscovered her interest in technology as a phenomenon in dire need of critique. She’s working on a manuscript that joins recent interventions along the axes of telephony and the feminine, which in a bout of sheer creative genius she’s calling Telephone Girl. Early readers have described it, and for the sake of what’s left of her ego, she’ll leave it at that.

This space on the internet is meant as a repository for anything she feels like writing that requires more than a sentence or two of explanation.

She can be found elsehwere, including on the Fediverse, at @cariglino@clowntown.app. If you can’t find her under that handle elsewhere, it’s probably because she doesn’t want to be found. If you are dying to read her curriculum vitae, you may find that here.